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[[File:Creed icon (Russia, 17 c.).jpeg|thumb|Russian [[icon]] representing the [[Nicene Creed]]., 7th century.]]
'''Ecumenical creeds''' is an [[umbrella term]] used in [[Lutheranism|Lutheran tradition]] to refer to three [[creed]]s: the [[Nicene Creed]], the [[Apostles' Creed]] and the [[Athanasian Creed]]. These creeds are also known as the catholic or universal creeds.<ref name=Concord>{{cite web|title=The Three Ecumenical Creeds - Book of Concord|url=||publisher=KNF & Associates|accessdate=3 April 2017}}</ref><ref name=ELCA>{{cite web|title=Scriptures, Creeds, Confessions|url=||publisher=Evangelical Lutheran Church in America|accessdate=3 April 2017|language=en}}</ref>
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