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'''Other Political Posts''' After his election to the City Council, he expanded his government service role as the President of the Independent Cities Association (ICA), as the City's representative with the [[National League of Cities]] serving as a member of the Board of Directors and the Chair of the National Immigration Task Force, and as a member of the [[League of California Cities]] Board of Directors. Councilman Zine is also a member of the Los Angeles County Judicial Procedures Commission. He was one of two [[Republican Party (United States)|Republican Party]] members of the City Council until he changed his registration to [[Decline to State]] in 2011.<ref name="DTSlatimes" /><ref name="DTSdailynews" /> The [[Los Angeles Times]] reported "He said he did so because he's tired of the 'gridlock' of partisan politics and because his liberal positions on gay marriage and other social issues are out of line with traditional Republican views."<ref name="DTSlatimes" />
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