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'''The Tech Report''' is a web site dedicated to covering personal computing technology and culture.<ref name="about">[] TechReport's "About Us" page. August 8, 2009.</ref> The Tech Report specializes in hardware thatas iswell most relevant to home users and enthusiasts, and has excelled at analysis with prudent budgets in mind,as producing quarterly system build guides<ref name="systembuild">[] TechReport's Summer 2009 System Guide. June 25, 2009.</ref> at various price points, and occasional price vs. performance scatter plots.<ref name="scatterplots">[] The value proposition June 9, 2009</ref> Tech Report also has an active online community and a podcast. The website is also a supporter of Stanford's [[Folding@home]] and is currently ranked 26th in total production points as of March 22, 2018.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Team 2630's contributions to Folding@home|}}</ref>
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