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*''[[Rosie (2011 TV series)|Rosie]]'' (2011) (180x2, co-produced with 2Minutes, broadcast by [[Gulli]] and AB in France)
*''[[Kobushi (2011 TV series)|Kobushi]]'' (2011) (104x7, coproduced by [[Gulli]], Inspidea and AB Production, broadcast by [[Gulli]])
*''[[A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures|Sammy & Co.]]'' (2014) (52x13; coproduced with Nexus Factory, [[StudioCanal]] and nWave Pictures; broadcast by [[M6 (TV channel)|M6]])<ref name="Zagtoon's Annecy">{{cite web|last1=Hopewell|first1=John|title=Annecy: Zagtoon, Method Animation Greenlight ‘Power Toys’ (EXCLUSIVE)|url=|website=Variety|accessdate=29 September 2017|date=17 June 2016}}</ref>
*''[[Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir]]'' (2015) (26x26; coproduced with [[Toei Animation|Toei]], [[De Agostini|De Agostini Editore]], [[AB Groupe|AB Droits Audiovisuels]], [[SK Broadband]], Method Animation and [[SAMG Animation]]; broadcast by [[Educational Broadcasting System|EBS]] and [[TF1]])
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