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(Add a short section on diffing between pages)
On a diff page, sometimes the whole display might be wider than the screen window, often because some website [[URL]]s (especially long ones) are not hidden and do not wrap in a diff column. In such cases, you must then use the horizontal scrollbar of the browser to see the whole width of the display. There is no option to wrap the long lines in the diff display.
== Comparing different pages ==
To view a diff between two separate pages (optionally, at specific revisions), use [[Special:ComparePages]] ([ example]).
==See also==
*[[User:Cacycle/wikEdDiff]] — an alternative and often easier to read diff for registered users
*[[Template:Wiki diff]] — for simulating diffs
*[[Meta:Help:Diff]], briefly mentioning diffing separate pages
*[[Help:Permanent link|Special:Permalink/''oldid'']]