The Tech Report: Difference between revisions

→‎History: Add Jeff Kampman leaving, and the new resign launch.
(→‎top: replace deprecated template parameters, removed: | slogan="PC Hardware Explored" using AWB)
(→‎History: Add Jeff Kampman leaving, and the new resign launch.)
On December 2, 2015 Scott Wasson, the founder and Editor-In-Chief stepped down as he accepted a role in AMD's graphics division.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Into a new era|}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|last1=Smith|first1=Ryan|title=Scott Wasson Announces His Retirement from The Tech Report|url=|accessdate=22 March 2018|publisher=Anandtech|date=3 December 2015}}</ref> Wasson subsequently sold the company in March 2018 to Adam Eiberger, the Tech Report's business manager.<ref>{{cite news|last1=Kampman|first1=Jeff|title=The Tech Report secures an independent future|url=|accessdate=22 March 2018|publisher=Tech Report|date=28 February 2018}}</ref>
On December 21, 2018 Jeff Kampman stepped down as Editor-In-Chief<ref>({cite web|url=|title=So long, farewell|})</ref>.
On July 7, 2019, coinciding with the release of AMD's Ryzen 3 CPUs and Navi GPUs, a site redesign was launched moving from the Tech Report's former custom CMS and functionality to a generic Wordpress template. On July 9th, and without introducing herself or explaining her role at Tech Report, Renee Johnson posted an introduction to the design<ref>({cite web|url=|title=TechReport New Design|})</ref>. The new redesign was met with harsh criticism from the users.
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