Military budget of the Russian Federation: Difference between revisions

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==Unofficial estimates==
Unofficial estimates typically place the total amount of [[military spending]] for the Russian Federation higher than the Russian government figures, but these calculations tend to differ between organizations. According to the IISS "By simple observation..[the military budget] would appear to be lower than is suggested by the size of the armed forces or the structure of the military-industrial[[military–industrial complex]], and thus neither of the figures is particularly useful for comparative analysis".<ref>International Institute for Strategic Studies, The Military Balance 2006, Routledge, p.153</ref>
[[IHS Inc.]] estimated the 2013 Russian military budget as being US$68.9 billion, US$78 billion in 2014, and predict a rise to US$98 billion in 2016.<ref>{{cite web|title=Russia surpasses UK as third biggest defense spender – report|url=|publisher=Russia Today|accessdate=1 March 2014|archive-url=|archive-date=2014-03-02|dead-url=no|df=}}</ref> IHS described this as a rapid increase in spending which will result in the defence budget increasing from 15.7 percent of federal expenditure in 2013 to 20.6 percent by 2016.<ref>{{cite web|title=Global Defence Budgets Overall to Rise for First Time in Five Years - Four of the five fastest growing defence markets in 2013 were in the Middle East; Russia grabs third place from Japan and the UK|url=|publisher=IHS inc.|accessdate=1 March 2014|archive-url=|archive-date=2014-03-02|dead-url=no|df=}}</ref>