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Corrected quote. Landau wrote 'I saw rock and roll future' not 'rock and roll's future.'
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(Corrected quote. Landau wrote 'I saw rock and roll future' not 'rock and roll's future.')
==Bruce Springsteen connection==
Landau's 1974 article in ''[[The Real Paper]]'',<ref name=realpaper>{{cite web|url= |archiveurl = | archivedate = February 2, 2003 | first= Jon | last= Landau | title = Growing Young With Rock and Roll | publisher=''[[The Real Paper]]'' via |date= May 22, 1974 | accessdate=October 23, 2012}} Writing ahead of a weekly newspaper's May 22, 1974 publication date: "I'm 27 today...."</ref> wherein he claimed, "I saw rock and roll's future and its name is Bruce Springsteen," is credited by [[Nick Hornby]]<ref>{{cite web | url = | title = Rock of Ages | work = [[The New York Times]] | first= Nick | last= Hornsby | authorlink = Nick Hornby | date=May 21, 2004 |accessdate=1 May 2012}}</ref> and others with fostering Springsteen's popularity. Landau was then hired by Springsteen, and is cited as co-producer on Springsteen studio records from 1975's ''[[Born to Run]]'' through 1992's ''[[Human Touch]]'' and ''[[Lucky Town]]''. Landau is considered to have influenced Springsteen artistically<ref>{{cite web | title=Faux Americana: Why I still love Bruce Springsteen | first=Stephen |last=Metcalf | url= | work=[[Slate (magazine)|Slate]] | accessdate=22 November 2014}}</ref> as well as professionally.
==Other music projects==