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{{Infobox political party
| name = Russian Ecological Party<br />"The Greens"
| native_name = Российская экологическая партия «Зеленые»
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| foundation = 1992
| merger = [[Agrarian Party of Russia]]<br />(one-half)
| ideology = {{Nowrap|[[Green politics]]<br />[[Environmentalism]]<br />[[Social progressivism]]<br />[[Social democracy]]<br />[[Grassroots democracy]]<br />[[Eco-socialism]]}}
| position = [[Centre-left]] to [[Left-wing]]
| headquarters = [[Moscow]]
In the 2007 Russian regional elections "The Greens" gained 7.58% of the votes in the [[Samara Oblast]], and it therefore has Deputies in the Samara Regional [[Duma]].<ref>{{cite web |url=|title=Results of the 2007 regional elections, Page 21-22|accessdate=2007-12-05 |date=2007-03-16 | |language=de}} {{Dead link|date=October 2010|bot=H3llBot}}</ref>
Before the [[2007 Russian legislative election, 2007|2007 parliamentary elections]], the Russian Central Electoral Commission decided that the Russian Ecological Party "The Greens" would not be able to stand, due to an alleged large number of faked signatures (17%, more than the allowed 5%) in their supporters' lists.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Russian Greens are not permitted to the elections |accessdate=2007-12-05 |date=2007-10-27 |work=NZZ Online |language=de}}</ref>
In 2008 the XV congress of the party decided to transform the party into the social movement Russian Ecological Movement "Greens" (Российское экологическое движение «Зеленые»). It advised all members and supporters of the party to join [[A Just Russia]].<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Archived copy |accessdate=2011-12-06 |deadurl=yes |archiveurl= |archivedate=2011-10-07 |df= }}</ref>
==Vote returns==
* [[1993 Russian legislative election, 1993]]: 406,789 votes (0.76%)
* [[1995 Russian legislative election, 1995]]: 962,195 votes (1.39%)
* [[2003 Russian legislative election, 2003]]: 0.42%
* [[2016 Russian legislative election, 2016]]: 399,429 votes (0.76%)
The Greens has announced that they will not run in the [[2018 Russian presidential election, 2018]] and that the party will support current president [[Vladimir Putin]] for the elections.<ref>{{Cite news|url=|title=Партия "Зеленые" завила, что поддержит Путина на выборах президента|date=2017-12-26|work=РИА Новости|access-date=2017-12-26|language=ru}}</ref>
===Presidential elections===
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