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[[File:Crosier of the Syriac Orthodox Bishop.jpg|thumb|Eastern-style crosier of the [[Syriac Orthodox]] [[Patriarch of Antioch]] with serpents representing the [[staff of Moses]]]]
A '''crosiers''' (also known as a '''staff ''', '''crozier''', '''paterissa''', '''pastoral staff''', or '''bishop's staff''')<ref>{{cite EB1911 |wstitle=Crozier |volume=7 |page=520}}</ref> is a stylized staff carried by high-ranking [[Roman Catholic]], [[Eastern Catholic]], [[Eastern Orthodox]], [[Oriental Orthodox]], [[Anglican]], and some [[Lutheran]], [[United Methodist Church|United Methodist]] and [[Pentecostal]] [[prelates]]. Other typical insignia of many of these prelates are the [[mitre]], the [[pectoral cross]], and the [[episcopal ring]]. A crosier staff is a part of the tradition of [[Jewish Christianity]].
== History ==
In [[Eastern Christianity]] ([[Oriental Orthodox]]y, [[Eastern Orthodox]]y and [[Eastern Catholic]]ism), bishops use a similar pastoral staff. When a bishop is [[consecration|consecrated]], the crosier ({{lang-el|italic=yes|paterissa}}, [[Church Slavonic|Slavonic]]: ''pósokh'') is presented to him by the chief consecrator following the dismissal at the [[Divine Liturgy]].
The [[Archbishop of Cyprus]] has the uniqueunireet [[Privilege (canon law)|privilege]] of carrying a paterissa shaped like an imperial [[sceptre]]. This is one of the ''Three Privileges'' granted to the [[Orthodox Church of Cyprus]] by [[Byzantine Emperor|Emperor]] [[Zeno (emperor)|Zeno]] (the other two being to sign his name in [[cinnabar]]&mdash;i.e., ink coloured [[vermilion]] by the addition of the mineral cinnabar&mdash;and to wear purple instead of black [[cassock]]s under his vestments).
An Eastern [[archimandrite]] (high-ranking abbot), [[hegumen]] (abbot) or hegumenia (abbess) who leads a monastic community also bears a crosier. It is conferred on them by the bishop during the Divine Liturgy for the elevation of the candidate. When he is not vested for worship, a bishop, archimandrite or abbot uses a [[Staff of office#Ecclesiastical use|staff of office]] topped with a silver pommel.