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[[File:Gibson SG Custom Shop Angus Young aged and signed (front).jpg|thumb|upright|[[Angus Young]] SG model]]
*[[Angus Young]] of [[AC/DC]] has been popularly known to use the SG. He occasionally uses a custom-made SG with lightning-bolt inlays, based on a custom model originally produced by luthier John Diggins. Since then, Young has collaborated with Gibson to make the Angus Young SG which features a custom-designed Humbucker in the bridge position, a '57 Classic in the neck position and the lightning-bolt inlays.
*[[Robby Krieger]] of [[The Doors]] used a Gibson SG Standard starting in 1965. Gibson produced a limited run of 150 [ Inspired By] SG's which incorporate many of Krieger's favorite components of various SG's.