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[[Image:Novgorod Kremlin Map.png|thumb|right|300px|Map of Novgorod Kremlin]]
'''Novgorod KremlinDetinets''' ([[Russian language|Russian]]: Новгородский детинец) (also ''[[DetinetsKremlin (fortification)|Kremlin]]'') stands on the left bank of the [[Volkhov River]] in [[Veliky Novgorod]] about two miles north of where it empties out of [[Lake Ilmen]].<ref>A. I. (Aleksandr Ignat'evich) Semenov, ''Novgoroskii Kreml'' (Novgorod: gazeta “Novgorodskaia Pravda,” 1964).</ref>
A public beach has been formed between the southeastern part of the Kremlin and the Volkhov river.
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File:Kremlin of Novgorod, 2009.jpg|Kremlin (or Detinets) towers and wall, Spring 2009
File:Novgorod Kremlin.jpg|View from across the Volkhov River
File:Novgorod Kremlin 00022.jpg|Cathedral doors
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File:Spasskaya Tower in Velikiy Novgorod Detinets.jpg |Spasskaya Tower at south side of the wall
File:ЦЕРКОВЬ МУЧЕНИКА АНДРЕЯ СТРАТИЛАТА - Iglesia del Martir Andres Stratelates.jpg|Saint Andrew Stratelates church
File:Novgorod Kremlin 00010.jpg|[[Millennium of Russia|Monument to the Thousand Years of Russia]]
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File:Главный_зал_(2).JPG|Chamber of Facets
File:VNovgorodDetinets VoevodskyCourt VN53.jpg|VoevodskyCourt