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[[File:Mulagandhakuti.jpg|thumb|300px|Mulagandhakuti. The remains of [[Gautama Buddha|Buddha]]'s hut in Jetavana Monastery.]]
'''Jetavana''' was one of the most famous of the Buddhist monasteries or [[vihara]]s in India (present-day [[Uttar Pradesh]]). It was the second vihara donated to [[Gautama Buddha]] after the [[Venuvana]] in [[Rajgir]]. The monastery was given to him by his chief male lay disciple, [[Anathapindika]].
Jetavana is located just outside the old city of [[Sravasti|Savatthi]]. There was also an important vihara named Jetavana in [[Sri Lanka]].
Jetavana was the place where the Buddha gave the majority of his teachings and discourses, having passedstayed at Jetavana nineteen out of 45 [[vassa]]s, more than in any other monastery.<ref>DhA.i.3; BuA.3; AA.i.314</ref> It is said that after the Migāramātupāsāda, a second vihara erected at [[Pubbarama]], close to Savatthi, camewas intobuilt beingby the Buddha's chief female lay disciple, [[Visakha]], the Buddha would dwell alternately in Jetavana and Migāramātupāsāda, often spending the day in one and the night in the other (SNA.i.336).
==Donation of Jetavana==
[[File:Jetvan bharhut.JPG|thumb|right|Anathapindika covers Jetavana with coins ([[Bharhut]]) ]]
Following [[Anathapindika|Anathapindika's]] first encounter with the Buddha, he requested to offer him a meal, which the Buddha accepted, and then asked to build a temple for him and his monks in his hometown of Savatthi, to which the Buddha agreed.<ref name=":022">{{Cite web|url=|title=Anathapindika: The Great Benefactor||language=en|archive-url=|archive-date=2017-10-08|dead-url=no|access-date=2017-10-07|df=}}</ref>
Shortly after, Anathapindika went back to Savatthi to search for a place to build the monastery. Looking for a place that was both accessible to followers and peacefully secluded, he came across a park belonging to Prince Jeta, the son of [[Pasenadi|King Pasenadi]] of [[Kosala]]. Anathapindika offered to buy the park from the prince but the prince refused, after Anathapindika persisted, the prince joking said he will sell him the park if he covers it with gold coins, to which Anathapindika agreed.<ref name=":02">{{Cite book|url=|title=The Buddha and His Disciples|last=Dhammika|first=Shravasti|date=2005-12-01|publisher=Buddhist Publication Society|isbn=9789552402807|language=en}}</ref><ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=Jetavana, The Vihara||archive-url=|archive-date=2017-09-09|dead-url=no|access-date=2017-10-15|df=}}</ref>