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Guppies were first described in Venezuela as ''Poecilia reticulata'' by [[Wilhelm Peters]] in 18591860 and as ''Lebistes poecilioides'' in Barbados by [[Filippo de Filippi|De Filippi]] in 1861. It was named ''Girardinus guppii'' by [[Albert Günther]] in honor of [[Robert John Lechmere Guppy]], who sent specimens of the species from Trinidad to the [[Natural History Museum, London|Natural History Museum]] in London.<ref name="Gunther1866">{{cite book |url= |title=Catalogue of the Fishes in the British Museum |publisher=Taylor and Francis |location=London |first=Albert |last=Günther |authorlink=Albert Günther |volume=6 |page=353 |date=1866}}</ref> It was reclassified as ''Lebistes reticulatus'' by [[Charles Tate Regan|Regan]] in 1913. Then in 1963, Rosen and Bailey brought it back to its original name, ''Poecilia reticulata''. While the taxonomy of the species was frequently changed and resulted in many synonyms, "guppy" remains the common name even as ''Girardinus guppii'' is now considered a [[junior synonym]] of ''Poecilia reticulata''.<ref name="Magurran2005" />
==Distribution and habitat==
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