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'''Chris Jagger''' (born 19 December 1947 in [[Dartford]], [[Kent]]) is an English musician. He is the younger brother of [[thewikt:rockstar|rock Rollingstar]] Stones[[Mick Jagger]]', frontman, for [[Mickthe JaggerRolling Stones]].<ref>{{cite news |url= |title=Chris Jagger : People say : Why can't your brother Mick support you ? | location=London | work=The Independent|date=10 July 2004}}</ref><ref>{{cite news| url=| title= Chris Jagger : He knows he's not Mick (but he likes it)|work=Time|date=23 April 2011| deadurl= no| archiveurl=|archivedate=7 August 2011|df=dmy-all}} Time, 23 April 2011</ref>
== Early life, family and education==