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[[Image:Charborough House 2.jpg|thumb|200px|Charborough House]]
'''Charborough House''', also known as '''Charborough Park''', is a [[Listed building (United Kingdom)|grade I listed]] building,<ref name=EH_house>{{NHLE |num=1323286 |desc=Charborough Park |accessdate=6 July 2014 }}</ref> the [[manor house]] of the ancient [[manor]] of [[Charborough]]. The house is situated between the villages of [[Sturminster Marshall]] and [[Bere Regis]] in [[Dorset]], England. The grounds, which include a [[deer park (England)|deer park]] and gardens, adjoin the villages of [[Winterborne Zelston]], Newton Peveril and [[Lytchett Matravers]]: they are Grade II* listed in the [[National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens]],<ref name=EH_park>{{NHLE |num=1000713 |desc=Charborough Park |accessdate=6 July 2014 |fewer-links=x}}</ref> and have been called the most splendid parkland in Dorset.<ref name=Pevsner>{{cite book |title=The Buildings of England: Dorset |last1=Newman |first1=John |last2=Pevsner |first2=Nikolaus |authorlink2 = Nikolaus Pevsner |year=1997 |publisher=Penguin |location=London |isbn=0-14-071044-2 |pages=139–141}}</ref>