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'''Sezimovo Ústí''' ({{IPA-cs|ˈsɛzɪmovo ˈuːsciː}}; {{lang-de|Alttabor}}) is a town in the [[South Bohemian Region]], [[Czech Republic]]. It is located approximately 83 km south of [[Prague]], the capital of the Czech Republic, and 60 km north of [[České Budějovice]], the capital of the South Bohemian Region.
The first mention of Sezimovo Ústí is from '''1250''', which means that the city was established in [[13th century]]. In 1277 the city expanded because of the arrival of people from [[Tábor]] which had been burnt (city in neighbourhood of Sezimovo Ústí).
Sezimovo Ústí and particularly Kozí hrádek is nearly connected to [[Hussites]]. [[Jan Hus]], the man standing at the beginning of [[Hussite movement]], lived there in 1414 and preached at Kozí hrádek.
In 1939 '''enterpreneur [[Tomáš Baťa]]''' set up building of the second part of Sezimovo Ústí, nowadays called Sezimovo Ústí 2. Baťa didn´t only build a factory, but also created great conditions for his employees. They had an opportunity to live in new houses, study to have better qualification for working in Baťa´s factory and gained many other benefits.
These days Sezimovo Ústí is divided into two parts which are very closely connected and work together as one city. The history of '''Sezimovo Ústí 1''' goes back to [[Middle Ages|medieval times]], while '''Sezimovo Ústí 2''' is much younger.
Sezimovo Ústí also '''cooperates with its neighbouring cities''' [[Planá nad Lužnicí]] and [[Tábor]].
== Sights ==
==== Kozí hrádek ====
This '''ruin of a castle''' is situated near Sezimovo Ústí. We don´t exactly know when it was built, but it was first mentioned in '''1377'''. This castle is important cultural heritage built in [[Gothic architecture|Gothic style]]. Nowadays the ruins are accessibe, so you can visit this interesting place.
==== Vila Edvarda Beneše ====
==== Free time ====
Sezimovo Ústí offers many sport opportunities, for example a '''swimming pool Pohoda'''.
Swimming pool Pohoda has '''atypical cleaning system''' secured by special [[Microorganism|microorganisms]] able to reduce the dirt so the water '''doesn´t contain''' [[chlorine|'''chlorine''']] or other chemicals.
Another interesting place to visit is [[Wall Club]]. An old cinema was rebuilt into a modern '''[[climbing]] club''' with a nice restaurant. This place is great for [[Climbing wall|indoor climbing]], but near Sezimovo Ústí there are also interesting outdoor places suitable for climbing. Main sport clubs in Sezimovo Ústí are [[TJ Spartak MAS]] and [[TJ Sokol Sezimovo Ústí|TJ Sokol]].
Main sport clubs in Sezimovo Ústí are [[TJ Spartak MAS]] and [[TJ Sokol Sezimovo Ústí|TJ Sokol]].
==== Famous people ====