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The '''white market''', is the legal, official, authorized, or intended market for goods and services. It is distinct from the [[black market]] of illegally trafficked goods and the [[grey market]], in which commodities are distributed through channels which, while legal, are unofficial, unauthorized, or unintended by the original manufacturer. It is also sometimes distinguished from the pink market of state-sanctioned, but immoral activities, such as [[wars of aggression]], and the red market of immoral activities banned by the state.{{citation needed|date=May 2019}} The white market in some goods, such as [[adoption]] of children, has been criticized as being inefficient due to government regulation.<ref>{{citation|title=Stork Markets: An Analysis of Baby-selling|url=https://www.mises.org/journals/jls/4_2/4_2_5.pdf|author=LA Alexander, LH O'Driscoll|publisher=The journal of libertarian studies|date=1980}}</ref>
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