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The simpler body construction significantly reduced production costs, and the new Les Paul, with its slender neck profile and small heel was advertised as having the "fastest neck in the world".
However, the redesign was done without knowledge of [[Les Paul]] himself (who had nothing to do with it).{{cn|date=April 2019}} Although the new guitar was popular, he strongly disliked it. Problems with the strength of the body and neck made Paul dissatisfied with the new guitar. At the same time, Paul was going through a public divorce from wife and vocalist partner [[Mary Ford]], and his popularity was dwindling as music tastes had changed in the early 1960s. Paul asked friend and former President of Gibson, [[Ted McCarty]], for his $1 royalty per guitar to be withheld. Gibson mutually agreed to end the contract. This is from a 1992 interview with Ted McCarty, who wrote the contract and was a life long friend of Les Paul.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Former Gibson Chief Ted McCarty on Tonewoods and the Problems of 'Top-Heavy' Management - Bacon's Archive|}}</ref>
Gibson also honored Les Paul's request to remove his name from the guitar, and the new model was renamed ''"SG"'', which stood for "Solid Guitar". Les Paul's name was ''officially'' removed in 1963, but the SG continued to feature ''Les Paul'' nameplates and truss rod covers until the end of 1963.{{cn|date=April 2019}}
In the early-to-mid 1960s Gibson's parent corporation, [[Chicago Musical Instruments]], also revived the [[Gibson Kalamazoo Electric Guitar|Kalamazoo]] brand name for a short time. Later models of the KG-1 and KG-2 featured a body style similar to the Gibson SG, effectively creating a budget-line model until the brand was dropped in the late 1960s. Gibson currently releases lower-cost, internationally sourced versions of the SG through their subsidiary, [[Epiphone]].
Because of its ease of play, holding comfort, popularity and vintage heritage, the body style of the SG is often copied by other manufacturers, although much less frequently than the Les Paul and the [[Fender Stratocaster]].{{cn|date=April 2019}}