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==Models and variations==
[[File:Gibson SG with amp.jpg|thumb|right|150px|A Gibson SG with a [[Peavey Electronics|Peavey]] amplifier]]
At the launch of the SG in 1961, [[Gibson Guitar Corporation|Gibson]] offered four
variants of the SG; the [[Gibson SG Junior|SG Junior]] (a stripped-down version of the standard, analogous to the Les Paul Junior), the [[Gibson SG Special|SG Special]], the '''SG Standard''', and the top-of-the-line '''SG Custom'''.
In 1979, a low-cost SG made of walnut wood was introduced called "The SG." It had a clear finish and an ebony fingerboard and was accompanied by low-cost "Les Paul" and "ES 335" type guitars. "The Paul" was also made from walnut, but "The ES" was made out of solid mahogany (rather than the semi-solid body they usually produced). All three guitars were discontinued after about a year, replaced by the "firebrand" series, again made of mahogany. Also in 1979 a limited edition model, the SG Exclusive was produced. Visually similar to the SG Standard of the time, the special features included an ebony fretboard, two Dirty Fingers humbucker pickups, and a master volume, two tone controls, and rotary coil tap that gradually eliminated one coil from each humbucker. The finish was black with cream color plastics and the truss rod cover read "Exclusive"<ref>Guitar History Volume 2, Gibson SG, P. 28</ref>.
[[File:Gibson SG with amp.jpg|thumb|right|150px|A Gibson SG with a [[Peavey Electronics|Peavey]] amplifier]]
In 1980, the first SG manufactured with "active" factory pickups was introduced. Gibson experimented with an SG that included the same Moog active electronics that had previously been used in another Gibson model, the [[Gibson RD|RD Artist]]. The resulting SG had a slightly thicker body to accommodate the extra circuitry, and was dubbed the "Gibson SG-R1". The SG-R1 was renamed the "'''SG Artist'''" in 1981, and was discontinued shortly afterwards. Approximately 200 active SGs were produced.