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== Early reactors ==
[[File:Zaretsjny main street.jpg|thumb|left|Units 1 and 2]]
Two earlier reactors were constructed at Beloyarsk: an [[AMB-100 reactor]] (operational 1964–1983) and an [[AMB-200 reactor]] (operational 1967–1989).
Both were [[supercritical water reactor]]s; the first unit used 67 tons of uranium enriched to 1.8%, while the second unit used 50 tons of uranium enriched to 3.0%. The first unit had an indirect steam cycle, while the second had a direct one.<ref name="Kingery2011b">{{cite book|editors=Steven B Krivit; Jay H Lehr; Thomas B Kingery|title=Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science, Technology, and Applications|year=2011|publisher=Wiley|isbn=978-1-118-04347-9|pages=318–319}}</ref>