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(Small updates, added April Fool's DYK topicon)
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Beginning in January 2018, this editor served as a [[WP:GOCE/COORD|project coordinator]] of the [[WP:Guild of Copy Editors]]. This is not a distinction of any competency or authority, but indicates a designated volunteer who will perform maintenance and housekeeping for the user group. This editor is also a member of the [[WP:Typo Team]] (focusing on apostrophe-related typos) and [[WP:Canada]] (promoted its [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Canada/The 10,000 Challenge|10,000 Challenge]] and developed an award system for contributors).
This editor has received over [[User:Reidgreg/Awards|4548 barnstars]]<!--45+48--> and 6075<!--6075+--> other awards, and has given over 200260 barnstars to deserving editors.<!--TV Star to Aoba47 June 2017, 18 from July 2017 GOCE Drive, 1 from Sept 2017 GOCE drive, 6 from October 2017 Blitz, 1 from Nov 2017 Drive, 48 for 1st anniversary of WPCan10k in November 2017, 2 to GOCER submitters, 13 from May 2018 drive, 2 to Gog&Yoninah for DYK review, 8 from June 2018 blitz, 11 from July 2018 drive, 1 to Spatium Apis for CE, 10 from August 2018 blitz, 8 from Oct 2018 blitz, 25DYK to Gog, 50 for 2nd WPCan10k, 16 for Nov 2018 drive, Teamwork to GOCE coords, 13 for December 2018 blitz. Total 211 ... more from 2019 --> This editor has written 60 articles, [[Danzig Street shooting|one of which]] was [[WP:GA|good]]. This editor has one entry on the [[Wikipedia:Did_you_know/Statistics#Non-lead_hooks_with_at_least_15,000_views|DYK leaderboard]] and is hovering at the bottom of the [[Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits/5001–10000|list of top-10,000 Wikipedians]] by edit count. This editor was named [[Wikipedia:Editor of the Week|Editor of the Week]] across consecutive years.
Reidgreg's personal high-points as a Wikipedian include:
*Learning that a new editor I'd encouraged had made contributions far exceeding my own. <small>({{Diff|Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Military history|next|871743007|diff|diffonly=yes}})</small>
*Leading the GOCE coordinator team and ending my term with an {{abbr|Eddy|Editor of the Week}} and support from 13 editors, the highest turnout recorded in five years<!--since 2012-->. <small>({{Oldid|Wikipedia:WikiProject_Guild_of_Copy_Editors/Coordinators/2019/1|876294390|permalink}})</small>
*Getting a DYK listed for [[Wikipedia:Main Page history/2019 April 1|April Fool's 2019]].&nbsp;<small>([[User:Reidgreg/DYK#DYK for Young People Fucking & 29th Genie Awards & 10th Canadian Comedy Awards|more]])</small>
This editor is continuing to gain practical knowledge of Wikipedia, broadening competence as an editor while making small contributions along the way. This page is expected to undergo changes as this editor develops their skill set and decides how best to assist the project.