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==Mountain ranges==
The mountain ranges are discontinuous in several places and are given individual names such as [[Serra da Bocaina National Park|Serra de Bocaina]], [[Serra de Paranapiacaba]], [[Serra Negra]], [[Serra dos Órgãos]], Serra do Indaiá, etc. The range also extends to some large islands near the coastline, such as [[Ilhabela, São Paulo|Ilhabela]] and [[Ilha Anchieta]]. With an altitude of {{convert|2255|m|ft}}, [[:pt:Pico da Caledônia|Pico da Caledônia]] in [[Nova Friburgo]] is among the highest points in Serra do Mar.
Geologically, the range belongs to the massive [[crystalline rock]] platform that forms Eastern [[South America]], and [[tectonics|tectonically]] it is very stable. Most of the elevations of Serra do Mar were formed about 60 million years ago.