James Ford Rhodes: Difference between revisions

Rhodes joined the [[American Historical Association]] and was elected [[American Historical Association#Past presidents|its president]] in 1899 for a one-year term.
Sharp criticism came from [[John R. Lynch]], a black leader in Mississippi's Reconstruction who hashad served in Congress. Lynch said:
:So far as the Reconstruction period is concerned, it is not only inaccurate and unreliable but it is the most biased, partisan and prejudiced historical work I have ever read....He believed it was a grave mistake to have given the colored men at the South the right to vote, and in order to make the alleged historical facts harmonize with his own views upon this point, he took particular pains to magnify the virtues and minimize the faults of the Democrats and to magnify the faults and minimize the virtues of the Republicans, the colored men especially.""<ref>{{cite journal |first=John R. |last=Lynch |title=Some Historical Errors of James Ford Rhodes |journal=The Journal of Negro History |volume=2 |issue=4 |year=1917 |pages=345–68 [pp. 345, 353] |jstor=2713394 }}</ref>