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*Pornographic film star and writer [[Stoya]] has referred to the book, writing, "I’d taken this white tunic ... and transcribed the first few chapters of Bataille’s ''Story of Eye'' onto it with black fine point Sharpie."<ref></ref>
*In David Mitchell's book, ''[[Black Swan Green]]'', Mr. Dunwoody, the art teacher at the school of narrator Jason Taylor, is reading this book when Jason comes in to the staff room to retrieve a whistle for Mr. Kempsey. Mr. Dunwoody tells him it is a book on the history of opticians.
*In the movie [[Before Sunrise]], Céline, the female lead character, is reading this book on the train as she meets Jesse, her future romantic interest.<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=Before Sunrise Reading Materials||access-date=2019-03-06}}</ref>
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