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[[File:Hedjet.svg|thumb|Hedjet, the white crown of Upper Egypt]]
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'''Hedjet''' ({{lang-egy|[[wikt:ḥḏt#Etymology 2|ḥḏt]]}} "White One") is the formal name for the white crown of [[pharaoh|pharaonic]] [[Upper Egypt]]. After the unification of [[Upper and Lower Egypt]], it was combined with the [[deshret]], the red crown of [[Lower Egypt]], to form the [[pschent]], the double crown of Egypt. The symbol sometimes used for the white crown was the vulture goddess [[Nekhbet]] shown next to the head of the cobra goddess [[Wadjet]], the [[uraeus]] on the pschent.<ref>Arthur Maurice Hocart, ''The Life-Giving Myth'', Routledge 2004, p.209</ref>
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* [[Atef]] – hedjet crown with feathers identified with [[Osiris]]
* [[Khepresh]] – blue or war crown also called royal crown