Bad Frankenhausen: Difference between revisions

|district = [[Kyffhäuserkreis]]
|elevation = 132
|area = 6591.8507
|population = 935410299
|Stand = 20062017-12-31
|postal_code = 06567
|area_code = 034671
|party = SPD
'''Bad Frankenhausen''' (officially: '''Bad Frankenhausen/Kyffhäuser''') is a [[spa town]] in the [[Germany|German]] state of [[Thuringia]]. It is located at the southern slope of the [[Kyffhäuser]] mountain range, on an artificial arm of the [[Wipper (Unstrut)|Wipper]] river, a tributary of the [[Unstrut]]. Because of the nearby [[Kyffhäuser monument]] dedicated to [[Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor|Emperor Frederick Barbarossa]], it is nicknamed ''[[Barbarossa city|Barbarossastadt]]''. The municipality includes the villages of Seehausen, Udersleben and, (since 2007) [[Esperstedt, Thuringia|Esperstedt]] and (since 2019) [[Ichstedt]] and [[Ringleben, Kyffhäuserkreis|Ringleben]].
== History ==