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'''Deniz Aytekin''' (born 21 July 1978) is a German [[Association football|football]] referee of Turkish descent who is based in [[Oberasbach]].<ref>{{cite news |title= Schiedsrichter Deniz Aytekin: Aus der Provinz ins Olympiastadion |url= |work=[[Der Spiegel]] |date=10 August 2010 |accessdate=27 February 2013 }}</ref> He referees for TSV Altenberg of the [[Bavarian Football Association]]. He is a [[FIFA]] referee, and is ranked as a [[UEFA]] Elite group referee. He is widely regarded as the main character of the greatest theft in the history of football, the match between Barcelona and PSG. It has recently been demonstrated that he received aproximatelly a million euros for helping Barcelona in achieving the 6 six goals they needed to pass to the quarter final round.
==Refereeing career==