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→‎Notable alumni: Ref, added Don Roy King
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(→‎Notable alumni: Ref, added Don Roy King)
* Michael Giorgione - Rear Admiral of United States Navy (retired), author of "Inside Camp David"
* [[Tim Conroy]] - Class of 1978; major league pitcher
* [[Paul Graham (computer programmer)|Paul Graham]] - Class of 1982; entrepreneur, writer, and investor<ref></ref> entrepreneur, writer, and investor
* [[Don Roy King]] - Class of 1965; director of ''[[Saturday Night Live]]'' (2006–present)<ref name = TL2010>{{cite news|url =|title = Live from New York, there’s a Western Pennsylvania guy behind the scenes|work = [[Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]]|date = December 9, 2010|accessdate = February 19, 2019}}</ref>
* [[Justin King (American football)|Justin King]] - Class of 2005; professional football player (cornerback) for the [[Pittsburgh Steelers]]
* [[Ken Macha]] - Class of 1968; major league manager and player
* [[Marilyn Suzanne Miller]] - Class of 1967; writer for ''[[Saturday Night Live]]'' (1975–1979)<ref>{{cite news|url =|title = The Last Day I Spent With Gilda Radner|last = Miller|first = Marilyn Suzanne|date = April 18, 2018|accessdate= February 19, 2019|work = [[The New York Times]]</ref>
* [[Joel Williams (tight end)|Joel Williams]] - NFL player
* [[Montae Nicholson]] - NFL player