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*Having my first GA cited in a heated talk page discussion. <small>({{Oldid|Talk:Danforth shooting|851794990|permalink}})</small>
*Learning that an article I expanded had received a quarter-million page views. <small>([–2017_Toronto_serial_homicides{{!}}Bruce_McArthur permalink])</small>
** Subsequently having this article listed on [[Wikipedia:In the news|In the news]].&nbsp;<small>([[User:Reidgreg/DYK#ITN for 2010–2017 Toronto serial homicides|more]])</small>
*Learning that a new editor I'd encouraged had made contributions far exceeding my own. <small>({{Diff|Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Military history|next|871743007|diff|diffonly=yes}})</small>
*Leading the GOCE coordinator team and ending my term with an {{abbr|Eddy|Editor of the Week}} and support from 13 editors, the highest turnout recorded in five years<!--since 2012-->. <small>({{Oldid|Wikipedia:WikiProject_Guild_of_Copy_Editors/Coordinators/2019/1|876294390|permalink}})</small>