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Goldberg is a graduate of the dramatic writing program at [[New York University]], and of the [[Juilliard School]].{{cn|date=June 2016}} She was a Tennessee Williams Fellow at the [[University of the South]] and a recipient of the Le Compte de Nouy stipend, the first annual Helen Merrill Award, and a 2000 Berrilla Kerr Foundation Award.<ref>{{cite journal| url=| archive-url=| dead-url=yes| archive-date=October 25, 2012| title=Berrilla Kerr Foundation awards| work=American Theatre |date=January 1, 2001}}</ref> She was also a resident at New River Dramatists, a member of the [[PEN American Center]].{{cn|date=June 2016}}
Her play ''Get What You Need'' was commissioned by the [[Atlantic Theater Company]].{{cn|date=June 2016}} ''Refuge'' premiered at Playwrights' Horizons and won the 1999 [[Susan Smith Blackburn Prize]].