Kootenay Lake: Difference between revisions

There are seven species of fish in Kootenay Lake: [[Rainbow trout]] <small>(Walbaum 1792)</small>, [[Salvelinus confluentus|Bull Trout]], [[Lota lota|Burbot]], [[Prosopium williamsoni|Mountain Whitefish]], [[Acipenser transmontanus|White Sturgeon]], [[Salvelinus fontinalis|Brook Trout]], [[Micropterus salmoides|Largemouth Bass]], [[Perca flavescens|Yellow Perch]] and [[Sockeye salmon|Kokanee Salmon]].<ref name=lake/>
There was a large decrease in the numbers of Kokanee in the west arm of the lake in the late 1970s. The salmon fishery was closed in 1980 and remains closed as of 2011. The reason for the decline is not known; possibilities include reduced numbers of [[Mysis relicta]] (which had been introduced as a food source for the Kokanee in 1949)<ref name=cominco/><ref name=flyfish>[http://www.fly-fish-bc.com/FFBC%20Lakes/Kootenay%20Lake%20Karma.html, Fly Fish BC, Kootenay Lake Karma, Retrieved February 15, 2011.]</ref> into the west arm due to the increased control of water levels, the disruption of rearing habitat due to recurring [[Drawdown (hydrology)|drawdown]] of the lake, reduced productivity of [[benthos]] due to the reduction of the amount of nutrients into the lake (after the close of the fertilizer plant), overfishing in the 1960s to 1970s<ref name=lake/> or competition between the Mysis relicta and immature fish.<ref name=flyfish/> In 1990 the lake's southern Kokanee stocks neared extinction, and an experimental fertilizing program was started, with some success.<ref>[http://www.livinglandscapes.bc.ca/cbasin/history/aquaticresearch-management.htm, Royal BC Museum, Retrieved February 15, 2011.]</ref><ref name=cominco/> (Sourcessources not valid)
==Human use and impact==