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{{Canon Law}}The '''Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches''' (Latin: '''''Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium''''',<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=CCEO - Table of Contents - IntraText CT||accessdate=8 July 2018}}</ref> abbreviated '''CCEO''') is the title of the 1990 codification of the common portions of the [[Canon law (Catholic Church)|Canon Law]] for the 23 [[Eastern Catholic churches]] in the [[Catholic Church]]. It is divided into 30 titles and has a total of 15401546 canons.<ref>Pete Vere & Michael Trueman, "Surprised by Canon Law, Vol. 2" (Cincinnati, Ohio: Servant Books, 2007); p. 123</ref> The Western [[Latin Church]] is guided by its own particular Canons.
The 23 ''[[sui iuris]]'' Churches which collectively make up the [[Eastern Catholic Churches]] have been invited by the Catholic Church to codify their own particular laws and submit them to the [[pope]] so that there may be a full, complete Code of all religious law within Catholicism. Pope [[John Paul II]] promulgated Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches on October 18, 1990, by the document ''Sacri Canones''.<ref>''AAS''82 (1990) pp. 1033-1063</ref> The Code came into force of law on October 1, 1991.<ref>Dr. Thomas Kuzhinapurath, ''Salvific Law: Salvific Character of CCEO, An Historical Overview'', Malankara Seminary Publications, Trivandrum, 2008, p.79</ref>
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