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"'''Bookland'''" is the informal name for the [[Unique Country Code]] (UCC) prefix allocated in the 1980s for [[European Article Number]] (EAN) identifiers of published [[book]]s, regardless of country of origin, so that the EAN [[namespace]] can catalogue books by [[International Standard Book Number|ISBN]] rather than maintaining a redundant parallel numbering system. In other words, Bookland is a fictitious country that exists solely in EAN for the purposes of non-geographically cataloguing books in the otherwise geographically keyed EAN coding system.
== History ==
* [[ISSN]]s (which identify [[periodical publication]]s) are mapped into the UCC 977.<ref>{{citation |url= |title=International literary market place |year=1999}}</ref>
* [[ISMN]]s (which identify [[sheet music]]) are mapped into the UCC 979. Since the leading "M" of a legacy 10-digit ISMN number (such as M-345-24680-5) is transcoded as 0, the EAN prefix 979-0 is wholly reserved for sheet music and has been dubbed the fictitious country "Musicland". Like ISBNs, ISMNs have been officially allocated using 13 digits since mid-2008.<ref name=":0">[ Guidelines for the Implementation of 13-Digit ISMNs]</ref>
== References ==
== External links ==
* [ Are you ready for <nowiki>ISBN-13</nowiki>?]
* [ Informational website which converts <nowiki>ISBN-10</nowiki> to <nowiki>ISBN-13</nowiki>]
*<ref name=":0" />
* [ US agency to obtain ISBN numbers]
* [ The EAN System]