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{{nutshell|This page documents the common tasks and duties of the [[WP:BAG|BAG]], as well as useful resources to BAG members.}}
Welcome [[WP:BAG|BAG Members]] (and people interested in the inner workings of the BAG)! This is a small guide for common BAG-related tasks and duties, and how to best perform them. It also includes a few other useful resources.
==Guide to BRFAs==
BAG members are expected to use sound judgement and take the full situation and background of every [[WP:BRFA|BRFA]] into account. Precedent can be used to inform judgment, but should never be used as a hammer. Each BRFA requires BAG members to determine both the '''[[WP:BOTREQUIRE|technical soundness]]''' of the proposed bot, and ensure that the requested task has '''[[WP:CONSENSUS|consensus]]'''. The more contentious a task, the higher the burden of demonstrating consensus. Non-controversial and technically straightforward tasks may be approved after short trials, while more contentious and technically complex tasks may require formal and well-advertised RFCs accompanied by long trial periods. Typical places to hold such discussions are at the [[WP:VP|Village Pump]], or a relevant [[WP:PROJ|WikiProject]], but other locations may be suitable as well depending on the nature of the bot task. When in doubt, ask for more community input.
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