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:[]. It's like you guys aren't even trying. That's only a short smattering of presidential curse words, but we have a quote of Lincoln saying "shit" publicly, and one of Andrew Jackson's parrot trained to curse, and often having to be removed from places because of that. So take your pick. It's either as early as Lincoln, or Andrew Jackson's parrot. --[[User:Jayron32|<span style="color:#009">Jayron</span>]][[User talk:Jayron32|<b style="color:#090">''32''</b>]] 15:32, 15 January 2019 (UTC)
*The hard part of this question is the "found out during his presidency" part. Because they have ALL used foul language, [ all the way back to Washington]. --[[User:Mareino|M]][[User_talk:Mareino|<font color="orange">@</font>]][[User:Mareino|r]][[Special:Contributions/Mareino|<font color="orange">ē</font>]][[User:Mareino|ino]] 19:14, 15 January 2019 (UTC)
==Which national movements were very weak before WWI but got their own state later on?==