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== Results of the Congress ==
[[File:Black sea crimean war.jpg|thumb|350px|Picture of the Territory affected by the Congress. The light green area to the left is the area Russia had to surrender between the [[Danube River]] and [[Moldavia]].]]
The Congress resulted in a pledge by all of the powers to jointly maintain "the integrity of the Ottoman Empire". It also guaranteed Turkey's independence.<ref name="Britannica"/>
Also, Russia gave up the left bank of the mouth of the Danube River, including part of [[Bessarabia]]<ref name="Congress"/> to [[Moldavia]] and gave up its claim to the special protection of Christians in the Ottoman Empire. Moldavia and [[Wallachia]] (which together later became [[Romania]] in 1858) along with Serbia were recognized as quasi-independent self-governing principalities under protection of the other European Powers. The sultan of Turkey agreed, in return, to help improve the status of the Christian subjects in his empire.<ref name="Congress"/>
The territories of Russia and Turkey were restored to their prewar boundaries.<ref name="Congress"/> The [[Black Sea]] was neutralized so that no warships were allowed to enter; however, it was open to all other nations.<ref name="Congress"/> It also opened the [[Danube River]] for shipping from all nations.<ref name="Britannica"/> Some of the rules and agreements were altered 22 years later by the [[Congress of Berlin]].<ref name="Congress"/>
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