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==In other media==
The Caterpillar makes an appearance in a few other places outside ''[[Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]]'', such as ''[[American McGee's Alice]]'' and the novel ''[[The Looking-Glass Wars]]''; in both of these spin-offs he plays the role of an oracle.:
* The Caterpillar appeared the novel ''[[The Looking-Glass Wars]]'' and he plays the role of an oracle.
* In the [[SyFy]] TV miniseries ''[[Alice (TV miniseries)|Alice]]'', the Caterpillar is the leader of the underground resistance to the [[Queen of Hearts (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)|Queen of Hearts]].
* The Caterpillar also makes an appearance in "Curiouser and Curiouser," an episode of the television show ''[[Forever Knight]]'', in the form of a child's toy.
*The Caterpillar appeared in the video game ''[[American McGee's Alice]]'' and its sequel ''[[Alice Madness Returns]]'', voiced by [[Jarion Monroe]]. he is the wisest denizen in Wonderland and provides guidance to Alice in both games.
*The Caterpillar makes a cameo appearance in the [[Sunsoft]]'s 2006 [[mobile game]] {{nihongo|''Alice's Warped Wonderland''|歪みの国のアリス|Yugami no kuni no Arisu|''Alice in Distortion World''}}. The Caterpillar appears only in one of bad endings, warning Ariko (the "Alice" of the game) that [[Cheshire Cat]] has become dangerous, but shortly squished to death by Cheshire Cat. The Caterpillar takes the form on a miniature, human man in a green sleeping bag.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=''Alice's Warped Wonderland''|publisher=[[Sunsoft]]|accessdate=August 26, 2018}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=''Alice's Warped Wonderland'' ~Encore~|publisher=[[Sunsoft]]|accessdate=August 26, 2018}}</ref>
* In several [[Marvel Comics]] stories featuring [[Doctor Strange]], the magical entity [[Agamotto]] has appeared in a form resembling the Caterpillar.
* In popular music, the Caterpillar is mentioned in [[Jefferson Airplane]]'s "[[White Rabbit (song)|White Rabbit]]" (1967), a song containing many references to the book ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland''.
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