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He had a guest role in ''[[Twice Upon a Time (1953 film)|Twice Upon a Time]]'' (1953) for [[Emeric Pressburger]]. He followed this with two mildly popular dramas – ''[[The Intruder (1953 film)|The Intruder]]'' (1953) and ''[[Front Page Story]]'' (1954).
''[[The Seekers (1954 film)|The Seekers]]'' (1954) was partly shot in [[New Zealand]] and cast Hawkins in a rare romantic role. ""My film wives to date usually stay home and knit, or else have conveniently died before the film starts." he said.<ref>{{cite news |url=http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article217259302 |title="PASSIONATE" JACK HAWKINS |newspaper=[[Brisbane Telegraph]] |location=Queensland, Australia |date=29 October 1953 |accessdate=30 October 2016 |page=23 (CITY FINAL) |via=National Library of Australia}}</ref> It was followed by ''[[The Prisoner (1955 film)|The Prisoner]]'' (1955), an unconventional drama, playing the shrewd interrogator ofin an authoritarian country who gets a respected priest (played by [[Alec Guinness]]) to discredit himself. None of these films werewas verycommercially successful but Hawkins was still voted the fifth biggest star at the British box office for 1954, and the most popular British one.<ref name="JOHN WAYNE HEADS BOX-OFFICE POLL">{{cite news |url=http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article27253063 |title=JOHN WAYNE HEADS BOX-OFFICE POLL. |newspaper=[[The Mercury (Hobart)|The Mercury]] |location=Hobart, Tas. |date=31 December 1954 |accessdate=9 July 2012 |page=6 |via=National Library of Australia}}</ref><ref>{{cite news |url=http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article78950643 |title="DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE" HEADS BOX OFFICE ATTRACTIONS |newspaper=[[Nambour Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser]] |location=Queensland, Australia |date=31 December 1954 |accessdate=30 October 2016 |page=9 |via=National Library of Australia}}</ref> "It's an enviable position, I know", said Hawkins. "But I have to be more careful now about the parts I choose, and it's hard not to offend people. Everyone thinks his own script is the best."<ref>{{cite news |url=http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article101719158 |title=BOOM TIMES FOR JACK HAWKINS |newspaper=[[Sunday Mail (Adelaide)|Sunday Mail]] |location=Queensland, Australia |date=16 May 1954 |accessdate=30 October 2016 |page=27 |via=National Library of Australia}}</ref>
He turned down the role of ''Colonel Carne'' in ''The Glorious Gloucesters'' for [[Warwick Films]] and [[James Cook|Captain Cook]] for a project for the Rank organisation;<ref name="jack">{{cite news |url=http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article161613230 |title=JACK HAWKINS |newspaper=[[The Newcastle Sun]] |issue=11,178 |location=New South Wales, Australia |date=1 April 1954 |accessdate=30 October 2016 |page=27 |via=National Library of Australia}}</ref> neither movie was made.
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