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==First Sentence Must be Modified==
The opening sentence currently is '''The term crime does not, in modern times, have any simple and universally accepted definition'''. This does not conform to the Wikipedia rules for a first sentence, which state it should be aimed at the nonspecialist and should answer two questions ([[Wikipedia:Guide_to_writing_better_articles#First_sentence_content]]): ''What (or who) is the subject?" and "Why is this subject notable?". For the more general rules of a good opening paragraph see here [[Wikipedia:Lead_section#Introductory_text]]. OED is a nonspecialist source. OED states a crime is an offence and then I replaced offence with its simplest definition, an illegal act. Some complain this definition only holds for statuatory crimes. This debate can be resolved by talking about 'Crimes in Fact vs. Normative Crimes". Crimes in fact are well defined because they are statuatory. Normative crimes are debatable. A good shared reference is Chapter 1, What Is a Crime? A Secular Answer