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| label = [[ABC Records|ABC]], [[Warner Bros. Records|Warner Bros.]], BGO, One Way, Casablanca
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| past_members = Candy Givens<br />[[Tommy Bolin]]<br />David Givens<br />Robbie Chamberlin<br />John Faris<br />Bobby Berge<br />Dan Smyth<br />[[Jock Bartley]] <br/>Michael Wooten<br />[[Otis Taylor]]<br />Rocky Duarte<br />John Alphonse<br />Edy Turner
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'''Zephyr''' was a jazz, rock, country and blues-based [[hard rock]] band formed in 1969 in [[Boulder, Colorado]] by guitarist [[Tommy Bolin]], keyboardist John Faris, [[David Givens (musician)|David Givens]] on bass guitar, [[Robbie Chamberlin]] on drums and [[Candy Givens]] on vocals. Although the charismatic performances by Candy Givens were originally the focal point for the band, it was the flashy guitar work of Tommy Bolin that the band is best remembered for.<ref>[http://www.classicwebs.com/zephyr.htm Zephyr] {{webarchive |url=https://web.archive.org/web/20070203075056/http://www.classicwebs.com/zephyr.htm |date=February 3, 2007 }}, www.classicwebs.com, (accessed 22 January 2007</ref> After Bolin left, he was replaced by [[Jock Bartley]], and the band recorded the album ''Sunset Ride'', their second for Warner Brothers Records. The album is still in print and is much loved by a small but loyal following. On Sunset Ride, Candy Givens displayed her gifts as a singer, composer, and harmonica player. The album was produced by David Givens who also authored the majority of the tunes. As a result of his stint with Zephyr, Bartley went on to a successful career with [[Gram Parsons]] and [[Firefall]], and drummer [[Michael Wooten (musician)|Michael Wooten]] went on to play for several years with [[Carole King]] and was a founding member of the jam band, Left Over Salmon. Various versions of Zephyr continued to play in Colorado until Candy's death in 1984. The release of "Heartbeat" in 1982 was promoted by a video that incorporated very early examples of analog computer animation combined with live action.
Other Zephyr members of note include [[trance blues]] maven, [[Otis Taylor (musician)|Otis Taylor]], who played bass during the mid-1970s, Kenny Wilkins (Drums) and also later on as (guitarist), guitarist Zack Smith (founder of Columbia Records band Scandal), and blues guitarist, [[Eddie Turner]], who played guitar in the last incarnation during the early 1980s. Candie and David, Tommy, and John Faris were all founding members of [[The Legendary 4Nikators]], Boulder's oldest and best loved party band. Taylor and Turner were later additions to The Legendary 4Nikators - Taylor noted for playing motorcycle on stage during "Leader Of The Pack" and performing in a kilt and Turner for his renditions of [[Jimi Hendrix]] classics.