Added withdrawal of cityzap manchester
In 2016, Transdev Harrogate introduced a new fleet of buses for its [[Harrogate bus route 36|36 service]]. The Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B7TLs were transferred to Yorkshire Coastliner for a new direct service between Leeds and York Stonebow via the [[M1 motorway|M1]] and [[A64 road|A64]] that commenced on 27 March 2016 under the Cityzap brand.<ref>[ Changes to Coastliner from 27 March] Yorkshire Coastliner 12 February 2016. Retrieved 4 September 2016.</ref><ref>[ Transdev aims to change perceptions with superfast Zap brand] ''Route One'' 30 March 2016. Retrieved 4 September 2016.</ref><ref>[ Transdev Blazefield: A gimmick for growth] ''Route One'' 22 June 2016. Retrieved 4 September 2016.</ref> On 5 November 2017 a second Cityzap service from Leeds to [[Manchester Chorlton Street coach station|Manchester]] via the [[M62 motorway|M62]] and [[Ainley Top]] commenced operated by [[Burnley Bus Company]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Cityzap. Get ready to zap between Leeds and Manchester.|accessdate=4 howeverNovember due2017}}</ref> toHowever, lackthe ofLeeds customers thisManchester service finishedwas onwithdrawn Saturdayon 21st22nd July 2018 with<ref>{{cite theweb buses|title=Bus transferredregistration todetails Rosso|url= and|website=Vehicle otherOperator TransdevLicensing groups|accessdate=5 December 2018}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Bus registration details |url= |website=Vehicle Operator Licensing |accessdate=45 NovemberDecember 20172018}}</ref>