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'''Heino''' (born 13 December 1938 as '''Heinz Georg Kramm''') is a [[Germany|German]] singer of popular music ([[Schlager]]) and traditional [[Volksmusik]]. Having sold a total of over 50 million records, he is one of the most successful German musicians of all time.<ref>{{cite web|author= |url=http://www.rollingstone.de/news/meldungen/article376097/heino-vs-campino-ich-habe-50-mio-platten-verkauft-das-schaffen-die-nicht-mehr.html |title=Heino vs. Campino: Ich habe 50 Mio Platten verkauft – das schaffen die nicht mehr - Rolling Stone |publisher=Rollingstone.de |date=2013-02-21 |accessdate=2013-08-15}}</ref>
Heino is known for his baritone voice and [[trademark look|trademark]] combination of light [[blond hair]] and dark [[sunglasses]] (which he wears due to [[exophthalmos]]). He lives in the town of [[Bad Münstereifel]], where he owned a [[café]] until June 2012.<ref>[http://www.rp-online.de/panorama/leute/zu-besuch-bei-heino-und-hannelore-aid-1.2873253 Heino closes his cafe]</ref> His interest in music started when his mother gave him an [[accordion]] in 1948, although his family could barely afford it.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.heino.de/index.php?action=bio |title=Home |publisher=Heino.de |date= |accessdate=2013-08-15}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=http://mentalfloss.com/article/28961/stories-10-people-featured-historically-bad-album-covers |title=The Stories of 10 People Featured on Historically Bad Album Covers |publisher=Mental Floss |date=2011-10-10 |accessdate=2013-08-15}}</ref>