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Geographic radiations involve an increase in speciation caused by increasing opportunities for geographic isolation.<ref name="Simões et al 2016"/> Adaptive radiations involve an increase in thea clade's speciation rate coupled with divergence of speciationmorphological withinfeatures athat cladeare drivendirectly primarilyrelated byto bioticecological factorshabits; suchthese asradiations ainvolve ‘keyspeciation not driven by geographic factors innovation’,and occurring in sympatry; andthey coupledalso may be associated with ecomorphologicalthe divergenceacquisition of a key trait<ref name="Lieberman2012">{{Cite journal| first1 = B.S. | title = Adaptive radiations in the context of macroevolutionary theory: a paleontological perspective | journal = Evolutionary Biology | volume = 39 | issue = | pages = 181–191| year = 2012| last1 = Lieberman}}</ref>. Radiations may be discordant, with either diversity or disparity increasing almost independently of the other, or concordant, where both increase at a similar rate.<ref name=Wesley-Hunt2005/>
==In the fossil record==