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=== Western Christianity ===
In [[Western Christianity]], the crosier (known as the pastoral staff, from the Latin ''pastor'', shepherd) is shaped like a [[shepherd's crook]]. A bishop or church head bears this staff as "shepherd of the flock of God", particularly the community under his canonical jurisdiction, but any bishop, whether or not assigned to a functional diocese, may also use a crosier when conferring [[sacrament]]s and presiding at [[liturgy|liturgies]]. The Roman Catholic [[Caeremoniale Episcoporum]]<ref>Caeremoniale Episcoporum (Vatican Polyglott Press, 1985), 59</ref> says that, as a sign of his pastoral function, a bishop uses a crosier within his territory, but any bishop celebrating the liturgy solemnly with the consent of the local bishop may also use it. It adds that, when several bishops join in a single celebration, only the one presiding uses a crosier.
[[Image:Anonymous Abbess Eufemia Szaniawska.jpg|thumb|''Eufemia Szaniawska, [[Abbess]] of the Benedictine Monastery in [[Nesvizh|Nieśwież]] with a crosier'', c. 1768, [[National Museum, Warsaw|National Museum]] in [[Warsaw]]]]