Abdominal pain: Difference between revisions

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** Intestinal: [[Peptic ulcer disease|duodenal ulcer]], [[diverticulitis]], [[appendicitis]]
* Right upper quadrant
** Liver: [[hepatomegaly]], [[fatty liver]], [[hepatitis]], [[liver cancer]], [[abscess]], [[Fitz-Hugh–Curtis syndrome|Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome]]
** Gallbladder and biliary tract: [[Cholecystitis|inflammation]], [[Gallstone|gallstones]], [[Helminthiasis|worm infection]], [[cholangitis]]
** Colon: [[bowel obstruction]], functional disorders, gas accumulation, spasm, inflammation, [[colon cancer]]
** Other: [[pneumonia]], [[Fitz-Hugh–Curtis syndrome|Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome]]
* Left upper quadrant
** [[Splenomegaly]]