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Films in the late 1930s included ''[[Beauty and the Barge (1937 film)|Beauty and the Barge]]'' (1937), ''[[The Frog]]'' (1937) (which Hawkins played on stage), ''[[Who Goes Next?]]'' (1938), ''[[A Royal Divorce (1938 film)|A Royal Divorce]]'' (1938), ''[[Murder Will Out (1939 film)|Murder Will Out]]'' (1939) and ''[[The Flying Squad (1940 film)|The Flying Squad]]'' (1940).
Theatre appearances included ''A Winter's Tale'' (1937), ''[[Autumn (play)|Autumn]]'' by Margaret Kennedy and Gregory Ratoff (1937, with [[Flora Robson]] for [[Basil Dean]]), ''The King's Breakfast'' by Rita Welman and Maurice Marks (1937–38), ''No More Music'' by Rosamund Lehman (1938), ''Can We Tell?'' by Robert Gore Brown (1938), ''Traitors Gate'' by Norma Stuart (1938) and ''[[Dear Octopus]]'' by [[Dodie Smith]] (1938–39).
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