Story of the Eye: Difference between revisions

("Transcription" is not the best term for this.)
==Barthes: Metaphors of the eye and liquid==
[[Roland Barthes]] published the original French version of his essay "Metaphor of the Eye" in Bataille's own journal ''Critique'', shortly after Bataille's death in 1962. Barthes' analysis centersfocuses on the centrality of the eye to this series of vignettes, and notices that it is interchangeable with eggs, bulls' testicles and other ovular objects within the narrative. He also traces a second series of liquid metaphors within the text, which flow through tears, cat's milk, egg yolks, frequent urination scenes, blood and semen.
Furthermore, he argues that he does not believe that ''Story of the Eye'' is necessarily a pornographic narrative, given that these structuring chains of metaphors do provide coherent underpinning sequences.