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[[File:Leslie 2018-09-29 1410Z.jpg|thumb|right|[[2018 Atlantic hurricane season#Tropical StormHurricane Leslie|Subtropical Storm Leslie]] on September 29, 2018]]
These storms can have maximum [[wind]]s extending farther from the center than in a purely tropical cyclone and have no weather fronts linking directly to the center of circulation. In the [[Atlantic Ocean|Atlantic]] Basin, the [[United States]] [[National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration|NOAA]] classifies subtropical cyclones similarly to their tropical cousins, based on maximum sustained surface winds. Those with winds below 18&nbsp;[[Metre per second|m/s]], (65&nbsp;km/h, 35&nbsp;[[knot (unit)|knots]], or 39&nbsp;mph) are called subtropical depressions, while those at or above this [[speed]] are referred to as subtropical storms.<ref>National Hurricane Center (2009). [ Glossary of NHC terms.] Retrieved on 2007-05-05.</ref>
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