1967 Pacific hurricane season: Difference between revisions

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The only major hurricane of the season, ''Olivia'' formed on October 6 as a tropical depression. It slowly strengthened and became a tropical storm 3 days later. As a tropical storm, Olivia again took a long time to become a hurricane. It headed north-northeast and hit Baja California with 50&nbsp;mph winds. On the 13th, Olivia finally became a hurricane, while in the Gulf of California. It rapidly strengthened due to its very small size, and reached winds of {{convert|125|mi}} per hour for six hours and made landfall on the eastern side of the [[Baja California peninsula|Baja California Peninsula]] at that strength. Olivia rapidly weakened even faster than it strengthened and dissipated 18 hours after landfall.<ref>[http://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/ep196715.asp#a_topad=Olivia tracking map]</ref>
Olivia is only one of two major hurricanes to make landfall on eastern side of the [[Baja California peninsula|Baja California Peninsula]] the other being [[1989 Pacific hurricane season#Hurricane Kiko (1989)|Hurricane Kiko of 1989]]. It was also the first major hurricane to be named in the East Pacific. No damage figures exist from Olivia, due to the scarce population of the area it struck. However, a total of 61 lives were lost.<ref>http://community.livejournal.com/w_coast_weather/701707.html{{dead link|date=April 2017 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }}</ref>
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